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FTC- Barbara's Takeaway

Tweet Today’s Guest: Jami Yanoski to Dodge City. It was a six hour ride down, five hours back. Even though I didn’t know Jami before the drive, we chatted away like long lost buddies. Not only did I hear some great stories, I also got a terrific book recommendation or two and all sorts of…

FTC- Alice's Takeaway

Tweet Today’s Guest: ‘The Creative License’on the plane ride home. And I think you can actually identify the objects. The best part? A poem came out with it all! It is the culmination of what I saw in so many of us at Camp.” A sketch… A poem…. “Famine” It was true What I knew…

FTC – Gail's Takeaway

Tweet I’ve invited all of the Follow Through Campers (FTC) to be guest bloggers at The Dreaming Cafe. I asked them to share what they learned, what was their takeaway and invited them to share with words, drawings, photographs, diagrams, or any combination. Today’s Guest: Gail Overstreet Her ‘takeaway‘… “support, as in needing my ‘tribe’”….

Follow Through Camp, Part II

Tweet Remember the line from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy says to Toto, “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Well, right after leaving the Wichita airport headed to Dodge City, I heard a voice say, “Sandy, you’re not in Jersey anymore.” Leaving the Wichita airport to drive the 150 miles plus…

Follow Through Camp, Part I

Tweet Normally today would be Book Review Thursday but, I am leaving for Barbara Winter and