Small Steps, Taking My Own Advice

Yesterday I launched my new website for my new business.

I’d spent weeks making notes, working on the website, starting and stopping and getting nowhere. There was too much to do and not enough time. I was continually making notes and overwhelming myself with everything I thought I had to do.

I wanted a BIG launch. I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to prove to everyone (don’t ask me who ‘everyone’ is) that I knew I was a “pro’. Ha. Do you know where those thoughts got me? Nowhere.

So, yesterday I decided to take my own advice. I broke everything down that I thought needed to be done into small steps and jumped right in.

Is the new website perfect? No.

Does it have lots of content? No.

Is it finished? No.

Did any of this stop me? Not this time.

If I kept waiting until everything was perfect I still wouldn’t have a new website.

And, you know what? It doesn’t matter. I started, I took action and I had TONS of fun doing it.

This is what I love doing – learning, creating, taking action and sharing.

Sharing what I’ve learned, and what I know, with others in ways that helps and empowers them to go after their own dreams by breaking things down and taking small action steps is what I LOVE to do.

I realized today that despite launching my new website and my new business I can’t walk away from The Dreaming Cafe because I love what I do here, what I create here and how I contribute to others here.

Wake Up Live Now is an expansion of my life, my living and the ways I can contribute to others.

There is room enough in my life for both The Dreaming Cafe and Wake Up Live Now.

If you are curious about my new business and what new things I am doing you can head on over to

If you need a little one-on-one help today to begin breaking your dreams down into small action steps I am once again scheduling private sessions, in-person or via phone or Skype. Email me and we’ll schedule a time to chat to see how I can contribute to YOU. Contact me at:

A recent testimonial…

    Sandy…you make a great biz/creativity coach! Thanks so much for the great ideas and questions to consider and thanks for sharing. I also very much appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Thanks, Lynn. (

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