Journaling for Self-Discovery-Renee's story

What are people saying about The Dreaming Cafe’s First Steps Journaling for Self-Discovery Workshop?

Renee was an enthusiastic participant of the last online workshop and with her permission I am printing her letter here…

    Thank you for your feedback, Sandy. The short version about how my journaling is going – in a word, great!

    WARNING: Long, journal version ahead!

    I’m learning that the standard concept of “journaling” can be very broad. Some might use it to record events, perspectives, musings…but I think what these exercises underscore in this context (at least for me) is that journaling can also be a dialogue with yourself, a dialogue that helps you to fuel the dreaming mechanism. As we move along in life, some of us allow our dreams to become more and more distant, like a ship disappearing over the horizon. And no matter how much the people in my life know me or love me, they aren’t me. They won’t answer the way I would, so having conversations about what I should do with anyone other than me isn’t quite as productive.

    Conversations with myself can lead to conviction and confidence, so when I do have conversations with others, they don’t hone in on insecurities or doubts. Both mine AND theirs! People actually become an inspiration to others by pursuing their dreams. Case in point – Sandy Dempsey!

    I’m also learning that there really aren’t any accidental or chance meetings – people cross paths with each other at a specific time because there are specific needs. You had a need to facilitate an online journaling workshop – I had a need to participate in one. Is it fate or chance? Nah. We’re just occupying the same virtual space in the Universe by following through on our symbiotic needs. Needs drive the journey, and the journey brings us to the crossroads where we meet.

    One more thing…I thought I had to be consistent for journaling to be meaningful, but in the end, journaling fills many needs so it might be inconsistent (for lack of a better word)…I can journal to record events, I can journal to vent, I can journal to envision the future. My journal serves me, not the other way around.
    Very powerful stuff, this journaling! Thank you again for providing the forum and the guidance, Sandy.

And, this was her response when I requested permission to print this letter…

    Wow, that was my next step, “publish” my writing…now whatever will I do?! 😉

How about you? Are you ready to begin your creative journey to self-discovery?

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