Facebook Rules – What NOT to Do

On Facebook (and any where else on the web) the biggest thing to remember is that regardless of how private you think your settings are, basically anything posted in cyberspace is accessible by anyone who really wants to find it. This includes parents, spouses, children and potential employers or clients. With that in mind here are a few general rules for what NOT to post on Facebook.

  1. If you would not say it out loud to your parents, spouse or partner, child, grandparent, boss or neightbor, don’t post it on Facebook.
  2. Don’t post the address or location of a birthday party or celebration for a child or anyone under 18-years-old.
  3. If you wouldn’t want the stranger in line behind you at the grocery store to know your business than it’s not business to share on Facebook.
  4. If you are cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse or partner Facebook is not the best place to annouce this.
  5. If you think (even for one minute) that your unborn children or grandchildren would be embarrassed or ashamed of what you are about to post then think again and don’t share it.
  6. Note that Facebook is not group therapy and should not be used in such a manner.
  7. Drunk and stupid is not appropriate at any age.

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