Embracing ME

I have all kinds of thoughts while I am driving. As long as I’m moving and not stuck in traffic I enjoy driving. I often have some of my best ideas while driving. Today as I was rounding the 42 curve I was imagining what my afternoon would look like after I got home and the words “embrace me. embrace me for who I am today” pooped into my head.

I suddenly relaxed (which was odd because I didn’t even realize I was tensing up). Prior to those words invading my consciousness I was thinking about all the things I had to do, or felt I should do when I got home. But, instead those few words filled me with a sense of peace. I was energized, excited and buzzing when I walked in the door.


Ah, what freedom those two words gave me today.

To capture the feeling I whipped out my art journal to make a collage of ME.

I was struck by two thoughts while searching for pictures of myself. One, I smile a lot. And, two, I can be extremely focused. There wasn’t a whole lot in between – happy and smiling or totally intent and focused. I kind of like both of these aspects about me. (I did find one dreamy image of me sitting with my eyes closed. I like this side of me, too.)

After finishing up my Sandy Collage I decided my theme for the rest of the year will be…EMBRACE ME! I’m loving the freedom of those two words!!

    How about you? What’s your theme for the rest of the year? Want to join me in embracing who you are in this moment?
art journal page - sandy collage

November 7, 2011 Art Journal Page - "Embrace Me" Collage

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