Commitment isn’t a One-Time Event

In April, having returned to blogging after a 3-month hiatus, I had a hard time finding my groove and my blog posts were hit and miss.

So, in May I made a commitment to post three times a week, preferably on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

Along with that commitment came a plan. I decided in advance what I would write about and set-up a writing schedule.

It worked. There were four and a half weeks in May and I wrote 13 blog posts – average about three per week.

But, then June came and things got crazy busy.

Without a recommitment to blogging three times a week I was almost into the second week of the month without having written anything. Whoops.

It’s then that I realized that making a commitment isn’t a one-time event.

Whether it’s making a commitment to write a blog post three times a week or making a dietary change, exercising daily, taking time for self-care, creating a loving marriage, building a successful business, working in partnership or a myriad of other small and big intentions, the commitment needs to be made over and over again.

Commitment isn’t a one-time event. It’s not even an event. It’s not static.

Commitment is dynamic. It’s an action. And, it’s an action that needs to be taken over and over again – hourly, daily or monthly – or sometimes, even moment by moment.

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    Commitment isn’t a One-Time Event – The newest addition to my weekly read!

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