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Bars Class Participants 11-16-13Last week I returned from a nine day trip to Washington State where I taught an Access Consciousness Bars class. I was lucky to have six women who were open to learning and exploring a new energy modality. It was a great class and I had a lot of fun teaching it. What was even better was that the attendee’s had fun, too and seemed to get a lot out of the class.

Here was some of the feedback I received:

    “I have had back pain for two years, and I woke up today, and could get out of bed without pain. Hooray! Also, stress has been lifted about working. That’s all in one day. What could get better than that?” ~ Lisette

    I ran into a student of mine in the grocery store and told her about my Bars experience. She said she’d like to be my first recipient of the Bars work! I’m also feeling some shifts in my overall emotional state, more clarity, more motivation, less resistance. All good stuff. Thank you for a wonderful experience with a wonderful group!” ~Ginger

    “Thank YOU Sandy! I’ve worked with the Bars on about 4 clients now and I’m looking forward to hearing back from them. It is fitting into my work nicely.” ~ Kathryn

I truly enjoy teaching The Bars, running Bars and providing private Bars sessions.

I also find it way cool that when you put out into the Universe statements like the one I just made above that things begin to shift and more possibilities open up.

A few minutes after I typed that statement a friend invited me to attend an event with her where we will be sharing the Bars. (If you are local you can find us at the 4th Annual Holiday Pamper Party from 12.00 pm – 5.00 pm at the Hopewell Train Station, 2 Railroad Place, Hopewell, 08525) How does it get any better than that?

Teaching The Bars and offering private Bars sessions have become an unexpected and fun part of my overall business model. It’s nothing I planned or expected, but by being willing to choose to do the things I enjoy and love I’m able to expand my business in ways I could have never imagined four years ago. Plus, I get to meet and hang out with interesting people, make a difference in people’s lives and travel. Now, really, how cool is that?

Later this week I’ll be sharing some other fun things I did while in Washington, including exploring and creating a new partnership charter.

As always, I’m curious… Has your business changed over the years? How? It what ways? Feel free to leave a comment or email me.


If you are interested in hosting a Bars class, a Bars Taster Party or having a private Bars session email me:

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