Access The Bars

    The Bars is a holistic, hands-on, energetic body process that involve 32-points, or Bars, on the head that when gently touched release holding patterns, beliefs, or conclusions you have that may be keeping you stuck. When Your Bars are RUN (gently touched) it begins a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of view, judgments, negative feelings and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

    The Bars is an amazing process that relieves stress, can help you feel better and look better and can create a greater sense of ease and joy in your life.

A few comments and feedback from Bars class participants…

    “I have had back pain for two years, and I woke up today, and could get out of bed without pain. Hooray! Also, stress has been lifted about working. That’s all in one day. What could get better than that?” ~ Lisette

    I ran into a student of mine in the grocery store and told her about my Bars experience. She said she’d like to be my first recipient of the Bars work! I’m also feeling some shifts in my overall emotional state, more clarity, more motivation, less resistance. All good stuff. Thank you for a wonderful experience with a wonderful group!” ~Ginger

    “Thank YOU Sandy! I’ve worked with the Bars on about 4 clients now and I’m looking forward to hearing back from them. It is fitting into my work nicely.” ~ Kathryn

How much does it cost?

    Private Bars sessions start at $50. I have access to a facility in Glassboro, NJ, or I can come to your home (if you within my local geography – NJ, PA, DE).

    Bars classes (prices are set by Access Consciousness®):
    Costs: $200 if this is your 1st class, $100 if repeating. Kids 16, 17, 18 are half price and Kids 15 and under are FREE when attending with a paying adult.

    If you are interested in hosting a class we can make special arrangements. I travel around the United States to teach classes. Find out more, contact me: Contact Sandy

    Bars Taster Classes: $20.00 per person
    During this class you will experience a mini Bars session (about 10-minutes) and I’ll answer the questions:

    • What are The Bars?
    • What can having your Bars ‘run’ do for you?
    • What is Access Consciousness®?
    • How can YOU learn to ‘run’ Bars?
    • How can you become a Bars Practitioner and/or a Bars Facilitator?

Contact me to schedule a private session, attend or host a Bars class or host a Bars Taster Party: Contact Sandy

A recent event where I ran Bars Tasters and a recent Bars class…

20130427_094555 20130427_115031 Bars Class Participants 11-16-13

One of my favorite intro video’s about the Bars…