Hi. I’m Sandy Dempsey and this is my story…

I’ve always felt like there was more to life than just eating, sleeping, working, and shopping.

But, after over a decade of working in the same field, despite the promotions and pay increases, I realized that was exactly the life I was living – eating, sleeping, working, and shopping, repeat.

What had happened to my dreams of being a writer and working for myself?

With a fuzzy vision of what I wanted to do I quit my high paying, corporate, day j-o-b in November 2009 to follow my heart and create the life of my dreams as a writer and entrepreneur.

One year later in November 2010 I returned to my day j-o-b part-time.

I’d discovered that trying to build a business while supporting two households (my own and my Mom’s) and being a full-time caregiver for my Mom (who was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer) was more stressful than I’d anticipated.

So, I decided to take my own advice, the advice I’d been sharing with friends and readers (and clients) for years, to build my business ‘part-time, on-the-side, in my spare time’.

Despite having launched my business during an economic downturn and having faced many obstacles, my passion for self-employment and the independence and freedom it provides has only grown. The roadblocks I’ve encountered have empowered me and inspired me to keep going.

I have more than a fuzzy vision, I have a plan, clear goals (long term and short term) and the knowledge (learned from taking action, failing, succeeding and learning from both) to make my dreams come true. And, making my dreams come true is all about helping other people make their dreams come true, too.

I’m passionate about helping others live happier, healthier, wealthier, more fulfilling lives.

Part of this is about helping people start and/or grow their own business, either full-time or part-time, on-the-side, in their spare time. I truly believe that self-employment, the ability to earn money from your own efforts, opens the door to greater self-confidence, freedom, and independence.

The Dreaming Café is the place where I share my journey as I pursue my dreams of being a writer and entrepreneur and where I share what I’ve learned to support, inspire, empower and educate others on their own journey to their dreams.

I love hearing from readers so please feel free to connect with me: Contact Sandy