Top 3 Productivity Apps

These are my three favorite productivity applications.

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Evernote is a FREE, cloud based application that is used to make notes on the go.

It can be accessed via my web browser on my Windows laptop, from a a free app on my Android phone and from a a free app my Apple iPad. I use it to capture short notes and ideas and I even use it for my grocery shopping list. No matter where or when I make my notes it all syncs to the cloud and my notes are available anytime, anywhere, from any device. Now, that’s pretty awesome.

37Signals Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based project management and collaboration application by 37Signals. Basecamp is web based so there are no apps to download. It’s not free, but does come with a 45-day free trial and after that it can be as little as $20 a month.

This is by far my favorite application. It’s helped me stay organized and focused with a to-do list that is totally integrated into a project calendar. You can assign to-do tasks to anyone on your team and assign a due date. I get daily emails about what I have due tomorrow and a daily recap of everything that was updated, changed or added the day before by both me and my project team members. You can upload documents and share them by project and create text documents within the application. Plus, it has a discussion features that allows you to easily communicate with other people working on the same project.

Basecamp is VERY easy to use and it’s fun to boot.

Dropbox – is a free file sharing application.

You can share your files with yourself and access them on the go from anywhere, anytime. Just log in from your web browser. It also downloads to your hard drive and syncs to the cloud when sharing.

You can share files with other people, too. This means no more zipping files because they are too big to email. Dropbox makes flash drives almost obsolete. Whatever files I’m going to need when traveling I just move into Dropbox and they are there when I need them even if I’m not using my own laptop. All I need is a internet connection and a web browser.

With these three productivity applications I can access my notes from anywhere, collaborate on projects, share files and stay organized. What’s not to love?

Have you tried Evernote, Basecamp or Dropbox? How have they helped you?

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  1. Juilius
    June 13, 2012 | 5:37 am

    I used Evernote and Dropbox during several months. I must admit I really satisfied only with another app named Beesy. . Possibility to do a TOdoList pretty easily. and to keep things on the good tracks in order to achieve them.

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